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Potries is a friendly town located at the heart of the fertile district of la Safor, five minutes away from the vital urban nuclei of Gandia and Oliva, and halfway between exceptional coastal beaches and the mountain ranges which mark the boundaries of the south-eastern part of the district.
Its municipal area covers 3.1 Km², and borders on the towns of Beniflà, la Font d’En Carrós, Villalonga and Ador. In the main, the terrain is flat and consists of quaternary sedimentation. Although in the southern area the first buttresses of the Gallinera mountain range appear, but these are small hills known as Tossalets de Potries, the highest being barely 100 metres high.

The Alcoi or Serpis River flanks the municipal area on the western side, and is the main geographical feature of the district, an area of outstanding beauty.
The municipality of Potries lies 65 metres above sea level.

The weather is characterised by relatively mild winters and hot summers. Rainfall occurs mainly during the autumn and spring; with a maximum annual rainfall of 500 mm. Throughout the year average temperatures oscillate between 13 to 25 degrees.

Potries currently has a population of 984 inhabitants.

The town has excellent road communications: to the inlaying district via the CV-60 in the direction of Albaida, and to the main Mediterranean routes; the AP-7 Highway and the National Road N-332, via the CV-680, which allows us quick and direct access to any of the main cities within the territory.