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El Porrat de Sant Blai in Potries probably has its origins in the 17th century, while the village was being repopulated after the expulsion of the Moriscos in 1609. Some researchers emphasize that it can even be previous to this, given that the Lords of Rebollet, to whom Potries belonged, had a great devotion for this saint and this was perhaps a way of evangelising the Muslims in the area.
El Porrat de Potries a principis S.XX
There is an old tradition which says that when the relics of the Saint arrived there was a major dispute between the different villages because they all wanted to keep them. It was finally decided to place the relics on the backs of some bulls so that the bulls would decide where they should go. On the first occasion, the animals went straight to Potries, where the relics remained.
But the other villages complained and claimed that the proof should be repeated. The bulls took the Saint´s relics to Potries at least eleven times, and there they have remained ever since.
The miracle that saved a little girl from death by drowning is said to be the origins of the old saying “Oh, glorious Saint Blaise, leave me the girl and take away the cough” (“Sant Blai gloriós deixa’m la xica i emportat la tos”) and is also said to be the origins of the best known and most popular procession in la Safor regarding the prevention of diseases of the throat.