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The beginning of Potries´annual festivals starts with The Procession of the Three Kings at the beginning of January. In February, we have one of the most rooted as well as one of the most popular festivals of our region El Porrat de Sant Blai. This Saint’s day takes place on the 3rd, but with the passing of time, the very characteristic procession has become an important cultural and festive reference point with an extensive and full variety of activities which are developed during the first fortnight in February.

There is a long tradition followed by the faithful , which consists of going to the parish church and rubbing the relic of the saint, preserved there, onto your throat for purification and prevention from disease. Indeed, Saint Blaise is known as the protector from illnesses of the throat.

Next, we come to Sant Vicent Ferrer’s festival, on the first Monday after Easter, and the tradition of visiting ill people in procession (“els combregats”). In May there are many first communions, which are celebrated by the majority of people from the village making it a pleasant and festive day. The festivity of Sant Joan takes place on the night of the 23rd of June with the traditional bonfire in the middle of the main square, although years ago this used to be celebrated in Sant Joan Baptista street. In Potries, on the 6th of August we have the festivity of Sant Salvador which in olden days was a day full of leisure activities (games, dancing, drinking hot chocolate..) which were held in the street of the same name. This was an interesting local festival from which we have preserved the tradition of morning mass at the Chapel. Next, we come to the Major Festival during the last week of August. The last festivals in the cycle are those celebrated during Christmas.